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The Sasquatch is:

a Live Music, Live Recording, Live Concert & Eents Venue.

The Sasquatch is available for Private Rental.

We offer Teen discounts as much as possible.

Experience Live Music as a family.

+++ Tickets may be purchased here online. (in process)

Click any event in our Calendar or Sidebar for full descriptions of Shows & Performers, w/ PHOTOS, VIDEO (if available), AUDIO, PRESS RELEASES, and BIO’S.

The Sasquatch is an intimate, family friendly, 100 seat live music and live recording arts venue. We are a favorite destination for both professional, as well as, up and coming artists and legendary performers from around the country!

–Experience the atmosphere

-Order treats from our coffee bar

-Support homegrown music, original singer/songwriters, and touring musicians

-Help keep Canadian talent alive

–And, enjoy some of the best talent in, and traveling through, the region

The Sasquatch is also available for Band Practice Rental -with immediate Playback and Live Recordings available at reasonable rates.

The Sasquatch has helped launch the careers of beginning artists, as well as, being honored to have well known touring professionals, and Juno award winners on our stage.

If you are a professional performer and would like to book a concert or event, please review our Artist Bookings page and contact us through our website.

Join us in supporting some of the best local and traveling Musicians and Artists around.

Bring your family, friends, and neighbors with you to make the evening even richer at the Sasquatch Live Venue!
Private Rental – The Sasquatch is also available for private rentals. Our combination of living-room, concert, and cafe style seating is very comfortable, and with the dance floor, it’s ideal for your private party!

The Sasquatch is also available for Band Practice Rental with
Immediate Playback and Live Recordings available soon at reasonable rates.

The Famous Green Couch- Snoring Sasquatch

We offer great rates – please see our Venue Bookings page.

Sasquatch, Live Music, Concert Recording & Events Venue. Available for Private Rental

221 11th Avenue, N
Creston, BC
The Famous Green Couch @ the Snoring Sasquatch!
Dana-Marie Battaglia

Snoring Sasquatch After Hours w/ Animal Nation

The Good Ol’ Goats – “Back In New Jersey” Live at the Snoring Sasquatch

“Camel Toast Electric” Live at the Snoring Sasquatch
“Whippin Post” April 18, 2013

The Music & Art of Sharon Routley

Tucker Green – Drive through Creston video.

Snoring Sasquatch Logo – Snoring Sasquatch concert

Live Music, Live Recording, Live Concerts, Live Events, and Private Rental Venue